On the special occasion of NATIONAL SPORTS DAY (i.e on the birthday of great hockey player  MAJOR DHYANCHANDPM NARENDRA MODI had launched “FIT INDIA MISSION”. He said that it is not only the government job but it is the need of our people to be fit. Fitness is not only the need of INDIA only but it is the need of the whole world. Many big countries such as CHINA, AMERICA, BRITAIN, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY had already started there missions to make their country fit. In this modern era nobody wants waste energy in walking. But actually it is not the wastage of energy, walking is the key to success and it should be done regularly.

It is not only the need of players to be fit but it the need of today. Fitness is directly related to our life span i.e if we are too fatty or unhealthy then we got all the diseases. These diseases include typhoid, hypertension, diabetes, etc. And these diseases are the cause of early death. Fitness can’t be gain by counting few steps through mobile apps because some apps are fake. So you should initiate first and start exercising yourself to be fit.

Fitness is not only the need of a nation but the whole world.

Whole world is aware about the need of fitness

Many countries has already started to make their people aware about their health. CHINA started “HEALTHY CHINA 2030” , it’s moto is make each and every person of china FIT by 2030. AUSTRALIA aims to make their 15% of the citizens fit by 2030. Britain aims to join over 5 lakh citizens with daily exercise by 2020. AMERICA will introduce over 1000 cities with free fitness program by 2021. GERMANY also started “fit rather than fat” mission. Not only these countries but many other countries are also making their citizens aware about the need of fitness.

Why need FITNESS?

Obesity leads to several diseases

People are becoming lazy day by day and depending only on the modern gadgets, due to which there is a lack of physical activities. It leads to unexpected diseases in early ages. There many cases in which people at the age of around 30 are becoming patient of heart stroke, hypertension, etc. And which leads to early death. In INDIA around 24.5% males and 20% females are suffering from hypertension. And around 10% of population have any kind of mental illness such as depression, etc. Around 13.5 crores people are suffering from obesity. So it is understood from the above figures why we need this kind of awareness program. Fitness is the key to success in every field i.e. in office or in acting everyone love fit people.

What should we do to be a part of “FIT INDIA MISSION”?

Running is the best way to get a fit body

You have to do nothing great to be a part of fit INDIA but have to follow these key points only:

  • “Early to bed early to rise” have a main role in fitness.
  • You should have a keen eye on your diet plan.
  • You have to exercise your body daily.
  • Yoga could be the best way to get a fit and healthy body.
  • Don’t miss your meals because after that you will eat more and it leads to obesity.
  • You should follow a regular diet plan and should say no to street foods.

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