Body Mass Index (BMI)


Body Mass Index(BMI), basically, is a numeric value, used to determine whether the person is in a good weight range according to its height or not. It is the measure of a person’s body weight to the square of its height.

It’s Universal unit is Kg/m².


How to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI)?

SI unit:

BMI = Weight (kg)/{Height (m)}²

Imperial unit:

BMI = Weight (lb) ×703/{Height (in)}²


BMI = Weight (lb)×4.88/{Height (ft)}²

BMI, generally, tells you about what should you weight ranges according to your height. It do not tell that you are fully physically fit or not. Maybe you belongs to normal BMI category and you might have some other health issues like low bone density, knock knees, low RBC level etc. Also, it may be possible that you belongs to overweight category but do not have any health issues. No one can determine such points by just knowing your BMI.



 According to its BMI, a person can belongs to any of the following categories:

BMI categorized chart

 What’s bad BMI?

BMI is good between 18 to 25. Less than 17.9 and more than 25.0 is consider to be a bad BMI. But, also less than 16 and more than 40 are consider to be worst.People having less than 16 BMI belongs to severe thinness category. People under this category are really thin. This can be due to improper diet or may be due to any disease like malnutrition. These people should consult a doctor or  a good dietitian. Basically, it’s not easy to gain weight for these people. But, nowadays there a several products and many types of weight gainers are available in the market that are really helpful.

Also, people having more than 40 BMI may have major health risks. These people belongs to Obesity Class III. People may suffer from major heart disease such as heart stroke, etc. Researches shows that people belongs to this category have highest health risks such as it’s very difficult to walk for these people, heart attack chances are highest, sometimes it’s hard to breathe for them due to high cholesterol and even it’s really hard to walk for even short distances for these people. People may get obsessed due to some bad habits of overeating and lack of exercise or this may be due to any disease. These people are strongly recommended to consult a doctor.

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